What is Bowen Therapy

Bowen Therapy (Bowtech, the original Bowen Technique), is a gentle form of body work in which subtle moves performed over the muscles and connective tissue send messages deep into the body, retrieving cellular memory of a preferred, relaxed, balanced way of wellbeing. Results can be remarkable, even from the first session; often only a few sessions are needed to correct the presenting problem.

There are frequent but very essential pauses throughout the session that allows the body time to respond and begin the healing process. The practitioner can target a specific problem or address the body as a whole.

The technique addresses not only the musculoskeletal framework, but also the fascia, nerves and internal organs. The body's integrated response improves circulation and lymphatic drainage and aids assimilation of nutrients and elimination of toxins.

The Bowen technique was developed by the late Thomas Ambrose Bowen during the 1950s, who resided in the town of Geelong in Victoria Australia.

 During his time as a therapist, Tom worked tirelessly treating over 13,000 patients per year.

There are many health concerns or injuries that Bowen Therapy is effective in treating. The combination of Bowen and Biochemic Medicine, make treating your issues so much easier and results are astounding! Most of my clients love to make a monthly appointment, as they know the benefits to their body and their busy lifestyle. I happily treat men, women, children, newborns, frail and elderly.

“It really is time for me to take time out, that I never otherwise take to look after myself” one client reported.

Having been a professional sports trainer for 15 years and a member of Sports Medicine Australia, I have treated so many different sports injuries, both on field and off field. Results are remarkable. With postural and injury assessment, working with the right procedures, can often have a player back on the ground or court in no time. You will see above a nasty hamstring injury, it occurred on the Saturday, was treated with Sports First Aid, this photo was taken on the Tuesday at training. Massage or a ‘rub’ would not have been at all suitable for this man, yet Bowen was perfect! Specialised Taping is also available