Samantha Hamilton

SamHamiltonSam has had an interesting and active working life including Hairdressing, Rural Ambulance Victoria, Road Safety and Bowen Therapy. While working at the ambulance and weekends as a football trainer, she ‘stumbled’ upon Bowen Therapy.   She mentioned to her Bowen therapist about a player with a chronic hamstring complaint, was shown the procedure, performed it on the player and he never missed another game for the season! This was the start of a wonderful new career.

In 2006, Sam opened her Bowen Therapy Clinic ~ Bendigo Body and Soul. Since then she has been inspired to help others bring about a greater sense of well-being and natural health options, that will compliment other medical treatments that clients are using in their own lives. “It is wonderful to see people walk out less-stressed, with less pain and increased mobility. Treating clients with Bowen and Biochemic Medicine is a wonderful combination!” she says.

Sam holds a Diploma of Specialised Bowen Therapy from the Border College of Natural Therapies Vic and is also an accredited member of the Bowen Association of Australia (# 9377). She has completed the Diploma of Biochemic Medicine, Cert IV Ear Candling and is a Reiki Master, practicing for over 20 years.

Outback BowenSam undertakes many professional development courses every year, not only to meet the association’s requirements, but to be able to provide her clients with the most current level of expertise and professionalism.

Annually Sam and her husband take 3-4 weeks off to travel to the Corner Country, where they’ve made wonderful friends, Rod helps them on their stations, while Sam performs Bowen Therapy and Ear Candling on everyone, including those in some of the caravan and camping parks where they also stay.

Here we have Bowen – Outback style at the Granites in Tibbobura NSW.  Outback Body and Soul.