Bach Flower Remedies

Dr Bach developed 38 individual flower remedies to help support our emotional state. He believed that our emotional responses were the root cause of physical health problems.
The first remedy was discovered in 1928, where flowers and trees of the countryside near the River Usk in South Wales are found. He looked for plants growing in natural conditions where their powerful healing properties had matured undisturbed and uncontaminated.   There is a feeling of strength and purity in the flowers.flower
Bach Flower remedies are simple and natural methods of healing through the use of wild flowers. They are used to treat personality disorders of the patient rather than the physical conditions. Dr. Bach realised that the physical disorders of the patient were not categorised by the disease but by the psychological conditions that generate them.

There are 3 groups:
flower sprayTwelve Healers – these fit your personality or essential nature. For example Impatiens type is tense and irritable, Mimulus people are shy and nervous.
Seven Helpers – great for chronic conditions and will gently bring the issue to the surface to deal with it.
Second Nineteen – remedies corresponding to emotional conditions arising in every day life and traumatic life experiences.
I prefer to use the original Healing Herbs brand, from the UK, they are undiluted, straight from the mother tincture and also use organic French brandy as the preservative.

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