Biochemic Medicine

Bendigo-Body-Soul_1It is common knowledge today that inorganic salts and trace elements play an important role in staying healthy and that a healthy diet is essential to a healthy body. In modern times more people are turning to the Biochemic method of healing. It is a simple treatment that is easy for people to understand, and it is quite inexpensive. Today, mineral supplements are readily available and easy to obtain, but this has not always been the case.

Dr Wilhelm Heinrich Schussler The Biochemic healing method began as the work and research of medical doctor, Dr. Wilhelm Heinrich Schuessler (1821-1898). Dr. Schuessler was a Doctor of medicine, a Physiological Chemist, and a Physicist who had a keen analytical mind and was able to co-ordinate the far-reaching physiological discoveries of great contemporary scientists. As a practicing physician he put his theories to the test and achieved the formulation of his unique system of cellular therapeutics. He named this system Biochemistry – the chemistry of living tissue.

Consultations are performed by taking your medical history and any concerns that you may have, then I look at your tongue and face. Lines, grooves, colours and coatings, all tell a story of deficiencies at the cellular level of the body and are treated with biochemic minerals.

Tongue Good Tongue unwell

As you can see there are so many different textures, colours, lines, shapes, colours , cracks, coatings in a tongue, these 2 ladies were extremely unwell and that’s without looking at the facial diagnostics. Facial and tongue diagnostics is a very important part of my treatment plan for clients at Bendigo Body and Soul, when combined with Bowen Therapy, the results are fabulous!

These treatments compliment your health care, along side your regime from your doctor or specialist. There are no contra-indications with medications that you may be on. At Bendigo Body and Soul, I work with you and your Dr and I will never tell you to go off medication! This is between you and your Doctor.