“I would like to say a massive thank you to Samantha for all you have done for me over the past year. I suffer from so many problem from my back being out, severe sinus infections and overactive brain (I hold on to a lot of things). You have helped me so much I’m currently feeling free of pain, infection and a cloudy mind!! I recently had reiki done and I was able to relieve so much stress and release so much bad energy and feelings In which I was holding onto. Sam was able to pick up and touch on things only I felt and understood which made decisions and choices a lot clearer and easy for me. The support you give is incredible and if anyone is feeling as they have a cloudy mind, stuck or feeling down I would recommend seeing sam and having reiki done. I can not praise you enough for your loyalty dedication support and kind heart Sam. I will continue to highly recommend Bendigo Body and Soul to everyone I know!!” ~ Tegan

“Sam treated my 7 day old daughter and Evie is a different baby. After a very stressful birth, she is now very relaxed, happy and any trauma gained from the birth has been so clearly eased from her neck down to her legs, so very happy with the outcome! Thank you so much!” ~ Lisa

Dear Sam,
The Elmore Football Club expresses its thanks to you for your professionalism and greatly appreciates your efforts to ensure our players were able to maintain their peak physical fitness throughout our premiership year. On behalf of the Elmore Football Club, I wish to thank you for your support and passion during the 2007 Premiership year. ~ Tony Southcombe, Coach.

“Sam treated our 7 week old son for colic and immediately he straightened his legs all the way out which he hadn’t been doing. He’s a lot more settled since having the treatment. Amazing.” ~ Anna

“Around 20 years ago, I had an accident at work and broke both wrists, my right knee and cut all of the nerves down the right side of my face. In doing this I lost all feeling in that side of the face. I have had just on 9 years of pain in my right knee and it has been getting worse. After trying all that I could to stop the pain, I gave up and lived with it. Then my aunty mentioned to me about Bowen Therapy and how it can help me. That’s when she introduced me to Samantha. After going to my first appointment with an open mind and a lot of doubt, I was surprised to say the least! I had done my first visit and had some tingling in the legs, went back to work and thought no more about it until I went to the Dr for a medical for work and while he was doing the reflex test, he found that the right leg had improved in both reflexes and movement! I told Samantha, but this was not the thing that hooked me. After a number of visits she was working on my neck, when I went home I was still in two minds whether I was wasting money or not, then strange things started to happen when shaving for work, I cut the right side of my face and I hurt! Thanks to Sam, I have little pain in my legs and full feeling in the right side of my face – where I’ve had no feeling for years! I now swear by Sam and recommend her Bowen to anyone that needs help for pain.” ~ Robert.

Dear Sam,
The Bowen you did on me during the year and especially after a hamstring injury while training during our grand final week was fantastic. Thanks also for your help you gave us that week and on the day of Elmore’s premiership win. Without your help, I wouldn’t have played in the Grand Final. I’ll be back to you for more treatment. ~ Ryan Hayes, Elmore Football Club – 2007 Best and Fairest.

“I would like to share my journey for the last 4 months. After a long hike at Wilsons Prom, my shoulders caused me great pain, then my leg became so painful from sciatica, I just cried. We stopped on the way back to see a physiotherapist, also 2 different ones and a chiropractor in Bendigo. No help at all!!! Although one suggested a CT Scan, which revealed I had a very bad bursitis, inflammation everywhere and calcified tendons. My Dr put me on a mixture of 9 tablets to control the pain. After 6 weeks, I tried to cut back the tablets, but was still too painful. I decided to give Bowen a go, as it was a more gentle procedure. Slowly, 6 weeks later I had no pain and finally off all those strong medications, which to me was a miracle. Thank you Samantha for the advice on other small problems like indigestion and bloating. I am so glad I came to you.” ~ Chris.

Hi, I’m Joy, in mid 2013, I was really ill with a TMJ disorder, which resulted in an inability to open my mouth sufficiently to eat, without causing me extreme pain. I was told by an acquaintance that she had a similar problem and had relief from Bowen from Sam. After approx. 5 sessions with Sam at Bendigo Body and Soul, I was experiencing a tremendous difference in the pain level in my face. As well as this, I was also suffering from a ‘Golfers Elbow’ and a pinched sciatica nerve, which Sam had just the right treatments to control the pain. I’m at an age where there are many aches and pains in my body as a result of a very busy sporting life in my younger days, but a monthly visit to Sam at Bendigo Body and Soul for my Bowen Therapy keeps all these well under control. Thanks Sam. ~ Joy

“Having been diagnosed with Meniers Disease, I was missing lots of time off work and my life was really difficult having to deal with the unexpected vertigo and vomiting. I decided to try Bowen and I am so pleased I did. From the first appointment I found Sam to be fabulous as she really listened and explained lots. I’ve had 6 treatments so far and cannot believe how good I feel. In that time I have only had 1 attack, which wasn’t as severe. I highly recommend Sam and thank her so much for helping me get my life back on track. Please if you are thinking of Bowen, give Sam a call you wont be disappointed.” ~ Meg

“I have been having Bowen treatments at Bendigo Body and Soul for nearly 2 months to help with Chronic Fatigue which I had been suffering with for over 6 months. After my 1st Bowen treatment, I noticed a difference within days. I had more energy and my aches, pains and fatigue (as well as a lot of other symptoms) had all become more manageable. Over my last 6 sessions I have continued to improve and I now feel I am on the way to having a life back, I am retuning to part time work and I am also looking forward to returning to study later in the year. I am amazed at the results and I am very grateful to Sam who has helped me so much and also provided me with a lot of very helpful information and advice. Bendigo Body and Soul’s practice is private, confidential and very relaxing. I would encourage anyone to definitely try Bowen for themselves. It’s AMAZING!” ~ Riki

Dear Sam,
Thanks to you, Bowen and Reiki, I’ve played my first full year of football in 5 years which made winning the premiership even more satisfying. You’re now a permanent part of my training and recovery! Thanks Sam. ~ Justin Schubert, Elmore Football Club – 2007 Most Disciplined Player.

“Having visited Samantha Hamilton Bowen Therapist on 27th August, I was put on a course of minerals for my problem of toxins. I’m in my 70’s and being a house painter for many years, using red lead paints, adhesives, hydrochloric acids, asbestos and painting and sanding of asbestos, I have 2 small spots on the lungs. After a very short time on the minerals, my coughing was decreased 97%. Having to cough to clear my lungs of phlegm and mucous would leave me stressed and tired. The rattling in the chest has also improved very well. The phlegm is now clear instead of a thick green-cream colour.
Having applied foot patches to my feet after the minerals, there was only a small amount of colour around the edges, where as before the minerals, I have used up to 25 patches and all would be taken off covered in a ‘black tar like substance.’ My voice has also improved and is much stronger. Thank you Samantha” ~ Doug.

Dear Sam,
The Elmore Football Club would like to thank you for your help and support in helping us to achieve a premiership. Without your ability and professionalism, our players would not have been able to perform at the level needed to obtain the ultimate. Your time and effort over the final series was much appreciated and look forward to an association with you in 2008. ~ Trevor Fiedler, President